Raaltrans Databank

We offer a perfect solution for carriage and utilisation needs for haulage and forwarding firms, production plants and companies providing services.

The databank offers two basic functions. The first function is the input of the actual offer to carry a load or of a free vehicle. The second function is searching in the offers of other users: Our programs also offer plenty of other useful tools to this end.

How to register

If you are interested in becoming a user of the RAALTRANS databank, you must conclude a contract with the company RAALTRANS a.s. The RAALTRANS database can be used on the any operating system with web browser installed.

  1. Fill in the on-line order.
  2. After your order is accepted you will be sent an access to the databank.
  3. Every month you will be retrospectively invoiced the flat price according to the version of your program for access to the RAALTRANS database.

If you are not sure about which version to choose or you need extra information, do not hesitate to contact our company's control centre.


Description of version
Global The version "GLOBAL" allows the entry and viewing of all offers, domestic CZ and international.

Home screen

The home screen is the key point from which users can navigate and control the entire program. From here they can access various sections such as input, display, or other functions to find the offer they need. The home screen is designed to be clear and intuitive, making it easy for users to work with the application.



Welcome to the RAALTRANS Display function! Users can browse the cargos or free lorries here. For example, you can find the loading location, unloading location and other details about the cargo or truck. There are also contacts for the users who have posted the offer, so that you can easily contact the user and agree on the terms of transportation. There is also an additional function for searching offers, which is called passages and additional loads. Discover new opportunities today!



Welcome to the input function in RAALTRANS! You can enter cargo offers or free lorries here. Simply fill in the information about the loading and unloading location, the dimensions of the cargo and any other details you may need. Your offer will then be visible to other users who can respond to You. As soon as your offers are deleted, they are moved to the archive, so you will always have an overview of the offers you have settled and deleted.