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RAALTRANS dispatch database

Why should you use our services?

  • we have been providing priceless information regarding loading efficiency for 25 years
  • 150,000 current and available loads and trucks every day
  • we have created one of the biggest transport and shipping information databanks in Europe, used by 16,000 companies
  • you may input your own specific offers in the well-arranged and user-friendly RAALTRANS Editor program and by using many useful functions, you can search through offers of other users
  • we strive to manage good payment solvency between users

One month trial period for free – Ordering form

We offer a 1 month trial period to our new customers so you can experience the full version of RAALTRANS for free. After the trial period you can decide for yourself whether to continue or not.

Sample database and presentation of RAALTRANS users

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of the RAALTRANS database for your company, you may review the sample database of available trucks and shipments, or feel free to find out whether your business partners or your competitors are using the RAALTRANS database.

There has never been an easier way to obtain valuable shipping and transport information.
sample database

Company facts - top 5

  • 25 years on the market with you
  • more than 16 000 customers
  • daily offers of 150,000 items
  • 53,000,000 queries a year
  • a simple solution to your problems

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